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PLEASE NOTE: I am currently working on a wonderful, but long term assignment and unable to take on any projects for several months

Welcome to the World's Dresser where the day is all about you!


Unlike a typical salon, we come directly to you and to your event with a full kit of equipment to make sure you are at your very best.  Our products are professional grade (see FAQs) and are Camera/HDTV ready. We specialize in several forms of makeup artistry including:

  • Bridal

  • Corporate

  • Runway

  • Headshots

  • Pageant

  • Historical/Period

  • Character/Thematic


Other services include:

  • Bridal Seminars

  • Makeup Demonstrations

  • Corrective Services: Tattoo Coverage, Chemotherapy, etc.


Our goal is to provide service that is at once friendly and professional. Service is provided  throughout the country and internationally.  Please see the rate page for details.